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RERA Patna: Comprehensive Guide by Bihar Advocates Club

Welcome to the Bihar Advocates Club! In this post, we offer an in-depth overview of RERA Patna, the cases it deals with, its functions, jurisdiction, procedures, and all relevant aspects. Whether you’re a homebuyer, builder, or real estate professional, understanding RERA (Real Estate Regulatory Authority) is crucial for navigating the real estate landscape in Bihar.

What is RERA Patna?

RERA Patna was established under the Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act, 2016, to regulate and promote the real estate sector in Bihar. The primary aim of RERA Patna is to ensure transparency, protect the interests of consumers, and foster accountability among builders and developers.

Functions and Jurisdiction of RERA Patna

Functions of RERA Patna

  1. Regulation of Real Estate Projects: Ensuring that real estate projects are registered and compliant with the stipulated regulations.
  2. Protection of Consumer Interests: Safeguarding the rights of homebuyers and ensuring timely delivery of projects.
  3. Adjudication of Disputes: Addressing complaints and disputes between builders, developers, and buyers.
  4. Promotion of Transparency: Mandating the disclosure of project details, including approvals, project status, and completion timelines.
  5. Standardization of Processes: Setting guidelines for real estate transactions and practices to foster fair play and professionalism.

Jurisdiction of RERA Patna

RERA Patna has jurisdiction over all real estate projects and transactions within the state of Bihar. This includes:

  • Residential and commercial real estate projects.
  • New and ongoing projects that require registration under RERA.
  • Disputes and complaints arising from real estate transactions within the state.

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Types of Cases Handled by RERA Patna

RERA Patna deals with a wide range of cases related to real estate, including:

  1. Delayed Possession: Complaints regarding delays in the possession of properties beyond the stipulated timeline.
  2. Non-Disclosure of Information: Issues related to the non-disclosure of project details by builders and developers.
  3. Misleading Advertisements: Cases where builders provide false or misleading information in advertisements.
  4. Quality of Construction: Complaints about poor construction quality or deviations from approved plans.
  5. Refunds and Compensation: Disputes regarding refunds, compensation for delays, or other financial grievances.
  6. Violation of RERA Regulations: Any other issues where builders or developers violate RERA regulations and guidelines.

Procedure for Filing a Complaint with RERA Patna

Filing a complaint with RERA Patna involves several steps:

  1. Registration of Complaint: The aggrieved party must register a complaint on the RERA Patna website ( or submit it in person at the RERA office.
  2. Filing Fee: A nominal fee is required to file a complaint, which can be paid online or at the RERA office.
  3. Documentation: Submit all relevant documents, including the sale agreement, payment receipts, communication with the builder, and any other evidence supporting your complaint.
  4. Hearing: RERA Patna will schedule a hearing where both parties can present their case. The authority may call for additional evidence or witness testimony if needed.
  5. Order and Judgment: After considering all the evidence and arguments, RERA Patna will issue an order. This order is binding and enforceable, subject to appeal in the Real Estate Appellate Tribunal if required.

Importance of RERA Patna for Homebuyers and Developers

For Homebuyers

  • Security and Assurance: RERA ensures that homebuyers have access to accurate information about projects, which helps in making informed decisions.
  • Legal Recourse: Provides a platform for addressing grievances and securing compensation or refunds for delays or discrepancies.
  • Transparency: Mandates clear communication and disclosure from builders, ensuring that buyers are well-informed.

For Developers

  • Credibility: Compliance with RERA enhances the credibility and reputation of developers.
  • Streamlined Processes: Standardized guidelines and procedures help in smoother project execution and transactions.
  • Consumer Trust: Transparency and accountability foster trust among consumers, leading to better business relationships.


RERA Patna is a significant step towards ensuring a transparent, accountable, and fair real estate sector in Bihar. Whether you’re a buyer seeking to safeguard your investment or a developer aiming to adhere to best practices, understanding RERA Patna’s functions, jurisdiction, and procedures is crucial. The Bihar Advocates Club is here to assist you with expert legal advice and representation in all matters related to RERA.

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